292 Theatre/Gallery is located at 292 E. 3rd Street on the Lower East Side, run by Regina Bartkoff and Charles Schick, artists and actors both.
There is no separation between life and art for Charlie and Regina, and their little gallery and theatre has been much loved in the neighborhood for a long time.

Please feel free to send an email with any questions. You will find new work regularly posted to Facebook and Instagram, and private showings at the gallery are available by appointment.

If you’d like to make a little donation, 292 will be very grateful!

In the Media


Charlie Schick as the mad painter Mark in Tennessee Williams’ play, In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel at 292 THEATRE/GALLERY 2017
Photo by Ride Hamilton
Regina Bartkoff as Miriam In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel by Tennessee Williams at 292 THEATRE/GALLERY 2017 Directed by Everett Quinton
Photo by Ride Hamilton
From The Two-Character Play
by Tennessee Williams 2015
After the show. The Two-Character Play 2015
Coney Island 1982
Coney Island 2022
Hannah & Regina at Coney Island
Charlie & Hannah on Clinton Street
Photo by Roseanne Mello
Regina, Charlie & Hannah on the F-train
Photo by Diane Goldener Ayala
December 2022