Is Alexander Wang a top fashion designer?

By Regina Bartkoff

Regina in her new dress

I was coming down Stanton to Clinton a couple of days ago when this guy I see sometimes out there selling clothes and other items was out there again. He has good stuff.  Last year I got a little black number that fit like a glove and had excellent material. 

This dress i have in the picture caught my eye right away.  It’s my style, French looking, simple, no fuss, and I could tell my size. 

We remembered each other. At one glance you can tell he’s a junkie but intelligent and very sweet. I asked him how he was. He looked a little strung out but it wasn’t only the drugs. He said not good because while unpacking today a couple of kids ran off with an expensive computer. 

I said “Oh no! I know you are out here trying to make money for your kid.” 

He looked at me surprised and said, “How did you remember that?”

“I don’t know, I remember when people talk about their kids.”

He said, “Well, I didn’t tell you he also has MS.” 

“Oh No!” I said.

“How old is he again?”


“He went from being a star athlete, played every sport, was a great dancer, and now just sits on the couch.”

My heart just sank for him and his boy. He went over right to the dress I had my eye on without me saying anything.

“This one I think is good for you.”

“I think it’s a famous designer and it was hardy worn.”

“It’s from a friend of mine.”

“She thought there was coffee stains on it, cleaned it thoroughly and I don’t think there are any stains on it.”

We both examined it and there wasn’t.

“How much?”


$20 was exactly what I had in my pocket. Quickly calculating in my head, that’s either for chalk, paint or rice and beans. But I didn’t have the heart to talk him down to $10.00 which I probably could have. We talked a little more but then he luckily got some customers and I got out of the cold. Both him and I were right. The dress fit and it’s a very good quality. 

In NYC just when you think you got problems someone tops you. All the time.